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New Laptop Line

Posted on June 2, 2006 by Jon Bach

We are very excited to roll our a new laptop line today, with some great new laptops. We have updated our Sager line to include the 5760 (Core Duo 7900GTX) and the 5956 (Turion 2x7800GTX SLI), and have kept the 9750 (AMD 939 7900GTX).

Where we're really excited though, is that we're getting into the "Verified by Intel" program. Through this program, we are able to offer standardized notebooks that still give us the selection we want to offer, but with standardized parts so that service and availability is not an issue. We are starting our new Thin and Light line with three models:

MSI 1057 -- this is our small unit, with a 12" screen and Intel graphics
Asus S62J -- our mid-size unit, with a 14.1" screen, and GeForce 7300 video
Asus S96J -- our larger unit, with a 15.4" screen and ATI X1600 video

That provides a good selection to work with, but if there are any other "Verified By Intel" notebooks you are interested in, we have access to nearly all of them and would be happy to work with you! Click here to view the "Verified By Intel" program details.

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