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New Layout

Posted on August 26, 2003 by Jon Bach


As our company and product line has grown, our website design has needed some revisions. We have always received very clear feedback from our clients -- simple is good. People like to know exactly what they are paying for, and do not want suprises. That is why we do not bundle software or offer premanufactured computers. Every one of our computers is custom built, and configured from the ground up by the client. So, as we added gaming PCs, servers, mini PCs, and now notebooks to our line, we're in need of some redesign! Inteading of having one page that allows you to build all those types of machines, we have now broken our website up into sections. Each type of machine now has its own section, which you can navigate to using the tabs in the top right of each page. Each section has its own information page, product comparison page, and configuration tool. This this greatly aid in the simplicity and intuitiveness of own website navigation, and should make it much easier to configure the exact computer you need! See a preview of this new layout at https://www.pugetsystems.com/index2.php!