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New Product: Solid State Hard Drives

Posted on December 28, 2007 by Jon Bach

I'm excited to announce the addition of Smart Modular XceedUltra SSD hard drives to our line. We're adding a 20GB and 40GB model.

We are excited to announce the addition of SSD hard drives to our line. They are certainly expensive when compared to traditional hard drives, but we are working directly with Smart Modular to offer very competitive prices.

When you compare them to the fastest desktop hard drive on the market, the WD Raptor 150GB, you'll find a drive that is smaller, completely silent, less vulnerable to vibration and damage, has twice the life, and half the power draw (and heat generation). In term of performance, the WD Raptor gets between 60MB/s and 88MB/s throughput, depending on the data location on the disk, with 8-9ms response time. The XceedUltra gets 95MB/s throughput in all memory locations, with <1ms response time. Amazing! They'll even work in laptops

We're offering 20GB and 40GB versions (40GB is the largest available). Remember that Vista alone takes up 15GB, so keep that in mind. We recommend Windows XP with these drives.

You can configure a system with a solid state hard drive on any of our configure pages.