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New Production Schedule Adopted!

Posted on August 15, 2002 by Jon Bach


Survey Feedback

We were very suprised with the large amount of feedback that we received when we sent out the email survey to our current clients! We were also suprised by the responses -- the overall trend was to say that the quick production time of our previous daily production was nice, but not the largest factor. A quality product and a problem-free process was the most important thing to a great majority of people. Fast and easily available service was the second most important. Since both of these items are strengthened by our new schedule, we took the feedback as great support for our proposal!

Potential Improvements

After a month or two under this schedule, we will have a much better feel for whether it will be feasable to extend our cutoff time to Friday at 2pm. We are actually capable of that from the beginning, but it is our fear that the large orders we will need to place with our suppliers will be faced with stocking problems. If we need 10 pieces of product x, and our supplier only has 5, then we need to find an alternate supplier, and FAST! By making Thursday the cutoff time, we are giving us all of Friday to overcome those problems. If after a few months, we find that we are not presented with that problem, then we will happily push the deadline back to Friday!

More Feedback Wanted!

If you are thinking of making a purchase from Puget Custom Computers, please let us know what you think of this schedule! Do you think we should make immediate assembly available with a rush charge to cover our additional shipping costs? Do you think we should drop the weekly schedule entirely? Whether you have support or frustration, the BEST thing you can do is let us know!! Email us at feedback@pugetsystems.com!