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New Return Policy Takes Effect

Posted on October 25, 2004 by Jon Bach


Satisfaction Goal

The goal of Puget Custom Computers has always been 100% customer satisfaction. Though we are young as an internet business, our sales are already almost completely based on word of mouth. Under such a dependency, we cannot let a single problem go unfixed! Is you ask anyone whom we have ever worked with, we are confident that you will find nothing but satisfaction.

Single Return

Puget Custom Computers has closed out the year 2001 with only a single returned computer system. On top of that, the single return is an interesting story. We received an order from a client in California, which we shipped out. A few days later, we receive a phone call from him that basically said "What is this? I didn't order this." It turns out that his son got ahold of his credit card and did a little ordering of his own! So, although we must claim a single returned system for 2001, you can agree that there has not been a single unsatisfied client (only a suprised father!).

Pass the Word Along!

Our clients are encouraged to post their thoughts on our feedback page, as well as to 3rd party websites such as http://www.resellerratings.com. Several posts have been made to ResellerRatings.com that have not gone through. It appears that ResellerRatings.com may either by out of comission, or 4 weeks backlogged! We are working to contact their administration to recover those posts!