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New SLI Systems Available at Puget

Posted on December 3, 2004 by Jon Bach


As of December 3rd, Puget Custom Computers is now pre-selling SLI systems! SLI technology will be available on December 15th, in extremely limited quantity. We expect to sell out very quickly, so place your order quickly if you hope to have it before the holidays!

SLI Gamer Dream System

SLI High Performance Computer

Click here to view an article about how SLI works and how it super-charges your gaming experience!

As of today, we have the Asus A8N-SLI motherboards and nVidia 6800GT PCI-E cards on the way! Looks like our 12/14 estimate was conservative :)

Posted on 2004-12-08 11:02:55

Are there any more pictures of the board, specifically of the connectors in back?

Posted on 2004-12-09 21:22:08

Best I have is:

Posted on 2004-12-09 23:17:30

Awesome. It was hard to tell just how many USB ports they had on it from the spec sheet. It says something like it supports up to ten but i don't remember anything about 4 USB ports. Most of the pics right now seem to show off the dual graphics cards instead of the other features of the board.

Posted on 2004-12-11 22:59:31

Yep, looks to me like it has 4 ports on back, and you can see the three blue USB headers along the bottom of the board. Two will hook up to the front USB that just about all our cases have today, and that leaves another 4 to go on PCI brackets. I'm not sure how many brackets come with the board, but I can check on Monday.

PS - Look at all those SATA ports too! 8 of them, sheesh! :thumbsup

Posted on 2004-12-12 00:52:36