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New Website Design

Posted on February 25, 2007 by Jon Bach


We have just finished rollout out a brand new website. The main changes were in our navigation. You may have noticed that we don't feature "certified systems" anymore...that's because every system on our website is a certified system now!

As with any major changes, there's a chance there are bugs floating around. If you see any errors please report them to webmaster@pugetsystems.com. We also very much encouarage your feedback. This new website is an emphasis on simplicity...hopefully our website doesn't feel as daunting as it did before. How'd we do?


I like it John.

Posted on 2007-02-25 11:37:20

Hi Jon,
It's been sometime since I've been here but I like the new look.
You did good in adding Willy to your staff. He built me a custom computer over two years ago and it's great. But, I have been thinking about a laptop and be able to use it anywhere in the house with wireless. It will be soon and I want you guy's to build it for me.
As soon as I decide which one I want I will send an order to you.
Once again you have a GREAT site and the info you put up on it is very helpful.
Keep up the great work you do.
Ed Davis - Everett,Washington

Posted on 2007-03-02 21:30:34

We have just completed a few more updates to our design -- our website is now centered, and we have updated our homepage. Thanks for the feedback so far, and feel free to post here if you come across any bugs or would like to leave comments!

Posted on 2007-03-08 16:07:22

Hi Jon,
I like the new centered home page. :thumbsup

In terms of bugs, when you click on Richard's "Send me a private message!" you get a 404 Not Found error message.

-- Max

Posted on 2007-03-08 17:36:37

Ahh...he made that signature in our previous forum software. I'll make sure he sees that!

Posted on 2007-03-08 17:43:48

Thanks, all fixed!

Posted on 2007-03-08 22:04:31

In checking out your new site some more, I clicked on Build Your Own PC on the home page. That took me to a Build Your Own Computer page. I clicked again on Build Your Own PC (it's the first link, as opposed to Build Your Own Gaming PC, Laptop, MicroATX, etc.) That link takes me to build from scratch gaming PCs. Is that right? I expected to be taken to build from scratch home/office PCs.

-- Max

Posted on 2007-03-16 12:42:06

Thanks for the report. That is a page we are working on, good timing! We'll get that fixed up. The reason it brings you to a gaming page is because gaming is the most popular page for us, so we send people there when it can't figure out where to go :)

Posted on 2007-03-16 13:04:43