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Press Release: Deluge-iii Announced With DDR3

Posted on March 18, 2008 by Ed Borden

Puget Systems Sets New Standard in High Performance Gaming Systems: Unveils Deluge-iii

Puget Systems' Most Advanced Extreme Liquid Cooled Gaming Rig Pushes Bleeding Edge with Latest Triple-SLI Technology, DDR3 Memory

SEATTLE, WA (March 19, 2008) - Puget Systems (www.pugetsystems.com), a boutique integrator of custom PC systems for enthusiasts, gamers, consumers and SMB markets, today unveiled its newest high performance, extreme liquid cooled system for the PC gaming market, Deluge-iii. Tapping strategic relationships with leading systems component developers, such as nVidia, XFX, and OCZ Technologies, Puget Systems is providing PC gaming enthusiasts immediate availability to the industry's most current, bleeding edge technologies such as the nForce 790i Ultra SLI platform, the GeForce 9800GX2, and the highest performing, low latency OCZ DDR3 heatpipe memory.

Building on Puget Systems' Deluge extreme liquid cooled platform, Deluge-iii continues its legacy as a finely tuned performance platform, custom designed and hand built to meet every requirement of the discriminating gamer. In addition to harnessing the intense power of nVidia's 790i chipset and low latency DDR3 memory, Deluge-iii also boasts overclocked Intel 45nm Penryn processors and unique enthusiast-level add-ons like MTron Solid State drives for blazing fast storage I/O.

"Deluge-iii is not only testament to the engineering expertise we're able to tap into at Puget Systems, it's also a validation of the closely knit relationships we've fostered with the industry's finest component developers," said Jon Bach, president of Puget Systems. "We're proud to tell our customers that the instant the newest enthusiast-caliber components are available to the marketplace, they're available in our custom systems."

"We are excited to partner with premium system builder Puget Systems on the introduction of their new 790i based systems," said Alex Mei, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, OCZ Technology Group. "Puget now offers their distinctive systems equipped with NVIDIA's new 790i platform and our cutting edge EPP 2.0 SLI certified DDR3 memory modules, which add up to a desktop solution that truly addresses the unique needs of the enthusiast market."

Jason Loeffler, director of channel sales for XFX USA added, "The newly released XFX nForce 790i Ultra SLI motherboard provides a true performance technology solution that brings home the gold with scorching frame rates, true-to-life extreme HD gaming and picture-perfect Blu-ray and HD DVD movies. XFX is proud to have our elite motherboard platform featured on Puget's new Deluge-iii gaming system. Paired with our new 9800GX2 graphics card, Deluge-iii is unstoppable!"

Every Deluge system from Puget Systems is custom tailored to individual customer requirements. By tapping into the industry's leading edge component developers, such as Intel, nVidia, XFX, and OCZ, a precision gaming rig has been designed that delivers an intense, highly immersive gaming experience with blazing speed, pure sound, high reliability and unwavering performance.

Customers can customer tailor their new Deluge-iii System now at www.pugetsystems.com/deluge.php.

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