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Press Release: Puget Sponsors HTGN Gaming League

Posted on July 12, 2007 by Ed Borden

July 12, 2007 (Seattle, WA) -- Puget Systems announced today its joint partnership with Hostile Tactics Gaming Network (HTGN), in which Puget Systems will be the primary hardware sponsor for HTGN's operations. The companies will begin to work together on future projects and tournament sponsorships.

Bobby Cannon, HTGN's Chief Marketing Officer commented, "We are very happy to bring Puget Systems on as a partner. I am looking forward to a great relationship between our two companies, both working toward supporting the gaming community. This comes at a great time, as a lot of exciting things are happening right now and we are really ramping up our tournament schedule."

Details on specific league sponsorships as a result of this partnership will be announced soon.

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The Hostile Tactics Gaming Network (HTGN) is a professional online gaming eSport competition network. HTGN offers multiple gaming league competitions with monthly tournaments for all supported games. HTGN's competitions have been built to provide new and professional gamers alike with the ability to compete at all levels. Free prizes are given away to the top placing teams in every competition. You can visit www.htgn.net for more details.