Press Release: Puget Systems Launches New Laptops and Services

Posted on March 12, 2014 by Jon Bach


Puget Systems Launches New Laptops and Services

Kicking off its new laptop offerings with NVIDIA 800M series graphics,
Puget Systems launches an abundance of new laptop services.

Today we are excited to announce the launch of four new models of our Traverse laptops, which include the new NVIDIA 800M series graphics. These graphics cards bring higher performance, greater efficiency, and new features such as Battery Boost. That balances performance and power consumption by assessing characteristics of the load your laptop is under and adjusting performance on the fly. As a result these new NVIDIA GPUs are 15-60% faster than the previous generation.

New Laptop Models

Puget Traverse V565i
15 inch screen, 1080P
NVIDIA GTX 860M Graphics
Intel 4th Generation "Haswell" CPU
24GB DDR3-1600 memory
FOUR SSDs or hard drives

Puget Traverse V765i
17 inch screen, 1080P
NVIDIA GTX 860M Graphics
Intel 4th Generation "Haswell" CPU
24GB DDR3-1600 memory
FOUR SSDs or hard drives

Puget Traverse V Series

Our Traverse V Series features an NVIDIA GTX 860M video card, making it an excellent general purpose laptop. When not under load the dedicated GPU is disabled via NVIDIA Optimus technology, allowing the integrated Intel graphics to take over. This provides lower power draw, longer battery life, and quieter operation. When that video power is needed, the NVIDIA graphics enable and seamlessly take over.

Puget Traverse M565i
15 inch screen, 1080P
NVIDIA GTX 880M Graphics
Intel 4th Generation "Haswell" CPU
32GB DDR3-1600 memory
FOUR SSDs or hard drives

Puget Traverse M765i
17 inch screen, 1080P
NVIDIA GTX 880M Graphics
Intel 4th Generation "Haswell" CPU
32GB DDR3-1600 memory
FIVE SSDs or hard drives

Puget Traverse Pro M Series

Our Traverse Pro M Series is designed for power users and those who need greater customization and flexability in their laptop. The graphics module can be changed, allowing us to install no dedicated GPU at all - leaving the sytem to run on low power Intel graphics - or we can install an NVIDIA GTX 870M, GTX 880M, or Quadro video card. Like the video options, the rest of the laptop is suited for a high degree of customization. With FOUR memory slots, and up to FIVE bays for various drives, these units provide amazing capacity for a mobile PC.

New Laptop Services

Alongside our new laptop models, Puget Systems is adding a huge array of new laptop servies. We have been working on many of these offerings for several months now, and are excited to announce what we feel is one of the most comprehensive service offerings in the industry.

Custom Screen Options

We offer matte or glossy screens, in both standard gamut and wide gamut for those who desire a more full color spectrum (for example, photographers preparing their work for print). Not all of our units have every option, but we work hard to provide as many choices as possible.

Webcam and Microphone Removal

Whether your organization requires it for security reasons, or you just personally feel better with it gone, we offer the option to physically remove the webcam and microphone hardware from your laptop.

Dead Pixel Guarantee

Puget Systems has offered a dead pixel guarantee for years, but only informally by request. We now launch an official program. We already hardly ever ship systems with any dead pixels, but our new program allows you the option of purchasing a guarantee that extends to 30 days after delivery - ensuring that your screen is perfect, down to the last pixel!

Identification Laser Etching

We'll etch your contact information onto the laptop, to help in case it is stolen or lost. Concerned about privacy? We can also issue an identification code URL, such as , which will allow someone to report to Puget Systems that they found your laptop. We then will contact you and facilitate getting it returned to you.

Additional Hard Drive Options

We are expanding our drive offerings to include optional installation of 2.5-inch drives in place of the optical bay. We are also adding Samsung's new 840 EVO mSATA solid-state drives to our line, in capacities of up to 1TB. This means that our Traverse Pro 17 inch units are now capable of a whopping 5TB of SSD storage!

Accidental Damage Warranties

We are now offering the option for better protection when you drop your laptop or spill your drink onto the keyboard! This is NOT an insurance policy we are reselling. We are providing this plan all on our own, which means that you don't have to deal with anyone but Puget Systems when it comes to the claim process. This is important, as few other companies live up to the level of customer service you have come to expect from Puget Systems.

Monitor Calibration

Especially useful for our wide gamut screens, we now offer factory screen calibration. This includes the hardware necessary for you to maintain your screen calibration over time.

Custom Graphic Wraps

Want to customize your laptop to be unique and reflect your personality? We now offer full vinyl wraps, with a wide array of options. Don't see something you like? Upload your own completely unique design!

Anti-Theft Services

We have partnered with LoJack to provide remote tracking, security lock, and drive erase capability. If your laptop gets lost or stolen, the LoJack system will help you find it.

Intel WiDi Configuration

>We are now offering an Intel wireless display (WiDi) receiver and will configure your laptop to work with it out of the box. Hook up the receiver to your TV and beam your laptop screen to it with the click of a button!

Disk Encryption

>Using "Self Encrypting Disk" (SED) technology we now provide password protected, hardware level AES 256-bit full disk encryption with Samsung 840 series SSDs (compliant with TCG Opal and IEEE 1667). Rest easy knowing that your data is secure, and that no one will have access to your data without unlocking your drive with a password when the laptop boots up.

Windows 8 Makeover

>Do you want to use Windows 8, but don't like the new user interface? We'll implement a set of customizations that make Windows 8 look and behave more like Windows 7. Save yourself the frustration -- we offer to do it for free!


The new Traverse laptops, and all the new services above are immediately available for configuration on the Puget Systems website. Customers ordering online will have their new laptops built and shipped within 5-7 business days.

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