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Press Release: Puget launches Deluge gaming system

Posted on January 21, 2008 by Ed Borden

Puget Systems Unleashes Super-Charged, Liquid Cooled, Three-Way SLI Custom Gaming System

'Deluge' Packs Newest Three Way SLI Technology from NVIDIA, OverClocked Intel Core 2 Processors and Ultra-High Performance OCZ DDR2 RAM into Custom-Tailored, Liquid Cooled Gaming Rig

SEATTLE, WA (January 22, 2008) - Puget Systems (www.pugetsystems.com), a boutique integrator of custom PC systems for enthusiasts, gamers, consumers and SMB markets, today announced it has embarked on its most aggressive assault on the gaming PC market with the launch of Deluge.

Deluge is a finely tuned performance platform, custom designed and hand built to meet every requirement of the discriminating gamer. It harnesses the intense power of nVidia's newest 780i triple-SLI technology, the signature video card design of XFX, overclocked Intel 45nm Penryn processors, low latency OCZ DDR2 heatpipe memory, and unique enthusiast-level add-ons like BigFoot Networks' KillerNIC for smoother online gaming and MTron Solid State drives for blazing fast storage I/O. All of this is packed into a sleek, custom liquid cooled system, designed for the elite, but accessible and affordable for users at any level - from newbies just diving in, to competitive-class gamers who prefer to push their rigs to the very limits of performance.

"Puget Systems is taking very bold steps with the launch of Deluge that will surely cause gamers and enthusiasts to take notice," said Jon Bach, president of Puget Systems. "We've tapped into the industry's leading edge component developers, such as Intel, nVidia, XFX, OCZ, and Bigfoot Networks, and have challenged our team of engineering experts to create a precision gaming rig that delivers an intense, highly immersive gaming experience with blazing speed, pure sound, high reliability and unwavering performance. We've exceeded that challenge with Deluge."

"Intel's mission has always been to optimize processing performance, efficiency, and reliability for our customers," said Randy Stude, director of the Gaming Program Office, Intel Corporation. "Puget Systems' new offerings share that vision and Intel Core 2 Duo technology helps create a mind-blowing experience for the very discriminating and tech-savvy gaming audience."

"Puget Systems' Deluge exemplifies a caliber of extreme innovation targeted at the ultra-enthusiast that we wholly embrace at OCZ," said Alex Mei, CMO, OCZ Technology Group. "OCZ continuously strives to exceed the expectations of enthusiasts with our ultra-high performance memory innovations. Deluge is the ideal gaming platform for customers to experience the kind of performance our solutions were designed to deliver."

Every Deluge system from Puget Systems is custom tailored to individual customer requirements, but every system includes the following standard components:

* nVidia 780i Chipset
*45nm Intel Penryn processors (QX9650 Quad-core, and e8400 Dual-core), overclocked
*OCZ Reaper Low Latency DDR2 Memory with Heatpipe cooler
*XFX GeForce 8800 GT, 8800 GTS 512MB, 8800 GTX/Ultra video cards available in single, dual or triple SLI configurations
*Bigfoot Networks KillerNIC LAN adaptors to reduce in-game lag (Optional)
*Custom modified chassis for optimal airflow, maximum cooling, and quietest operation
*SLI-certified 85%+ high efficiency power supplies
*High-Performance liquid cooling system
*Microsoft Windows XP Pro or Windows Vista Ultimate
*High-Performance MTron Solid State Drives with 100+ MB/s throughput (Optional)

Pricing and Availability
Deluge is available immediately with pricing for a base system starting at about $2,500. For more information, or to custom tailor Deluge, customers can visit www.pugetsystems.com/deluge.php. Customers ordering online using Puget Systems' Deluge configurator will have their new system shipped within 5 - 7 business days.

About Puget Systems
Puget Systems is a specialized integrator of custom personal computing systems meticulously designed to exceed the discriminating requirements of consumers, enthusiasts, gamers and businesses in multiple industries. Puget Systems combines industry-unique custom innovations, the highest quality leading-edge components with an unparalleled commitment to personal service and support. Founded in 2000, Puget Systems is headquartered in Kent, Washington. For more information, please visit www.pugetsystems.com.