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Product Line Update: Asus LCD Monitors

Posted on June 1, 2009 by Perry Azevedo

Wanted to update everyone on some new product we just added recently.

For the longest time, we've only offered CTL monitors alongside the occasional Samsung or two. Unlike a lot of our other product line decisions, this wasn't due to some sort of superiority that CTL has over other brands. It simply has been a matter of convenience for us as one of CTL's main warehouses is located down the street from us and their product is pretty solid.

However, we did begin looking into better quality monitors as a lot of you have voiced interest in having a higher-quality option, straight from us, when purchasing a new computer. Well, we did some research and are very pleased to present the following Asus branded LCD monitors:

Asus VW192T+ 19" Widescreen LCD
[part info]

Asus VH226H 22" Widescreen LCD
[part info]

Asus VW246H 24" Widescreen LCD
[part info]

Asus VW266H 25.5" Widescreen LCD
[part info]

All four of these monitors are ideal for high-end usage like: HD movie playback or editing, high-resolution photo editing, bleeding-edge gaming, etc. However, you may simply want a crystal clear picture, regardless of whether you're usage being high-end or average internet and email use. Either way, I think you'll find these new Asus monitors to be as exciting to use as I have.