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Product Line Updates

Posted on April 27, 2008 by Jon Bach

One of the things that I spend a lot of time on is our product line -- coordinating review of new products, deciding which products make the cut, implementing the changes on our website, and updating quotes with the old hardware. We batch these updates together and roll them out 1-2 times a month. When I do that, I email out a list of all the changes to each Puget employee. It occurrs to me that this is also very valuable information for the general public as well! I will begin posting these updates here in our news section.

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Product line updates performed today are:

1) We've added the Antec P180 Mini to our product line (black and white colors). This is a pretty neat looking case -- micro ATX, quiet, 5 hard drives, 200mm fan. However, it is also more expensive than our other micro ATX cases.

2) We've added the Intel QX9770 CPU (1600FSB). This is the new fastest CPU from Intel. 136 watts of awesome.

3) We've replaced our MTron SSD drives with new units from OCZ (32GB and 64GB). Speed is 100MB/s (MTron was 110MB/s), but they're half the price! All MTron quotes have been updated to OCZ.

4) We've added liquid cooling waterblocks for 9800GTX (Koolance) and 9800GX2 (Danger Den). Koolance expects a block out for 9800GX2 in May, at which time we'll switch over to that. With these additions, our Deluge system is now also updated to use 9800GTX for Triple-SLI

5) We're replaced our Sparkle 550W power supply with a Seasonic 500W as our front->back airflow power supply (needed in some 2U and HTPC cases). It is quieter, and should prove more reliable.

6) We've added new GTWeb rackmount cases in 2U and 3U size. They're quite unique, and good quality. They use mATX motherboards, which makes room for full size power supplies, and only 17" deep. I know we get asked for short depth rackmount often, so I'm excited about this addition. Note the 2U needs a front->back airflow power supply.

7) We've added Intel E8500 and Q9450 CPUs. The Q9450 replaces our Q6600, which means our Intel product line is fully 45nm now. All Q6600 quotes have been updated to Q9300, which is the closest in price..

8) We've added the Western Digital VelciRaptor 300GB drive, though availability isn't expected until May 30th.

9) We've replaced our Hitachi 1TB drive with the Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB. It is faster, quieter, and cheaper! All quotes have been updated.