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Product Line Updates

Posted on June 2, 2008 by Jon Bach

We have a few product line updates today. Keep watching for some pretty big updates to our storage line and laptop line in the next few weeks!

1) We've moved our DVDRW line to Pioneer DVR-215DBK. The advantages are quiet operation -- Pioneer is regarded very highly on SPCR.

2) Added a new P190 Extreme cooling package. It uses the 4x120mm radiators across the top. I really do consider this an excellent setup. We built an excellent system with this cooling the other day. It used passive video cards, cooled with the 200mm side fan, and only used the liquid cooling to cool the CPUs. We could run the fans and pump and minimal settings and still get great cooling. Very quiet, considering it was an 8-core SLI system!

The P190 High Perf. Liquid Cooling Package includes the Koolance top with integrated pump (2x120mm radiator). The P190 Extreme Liquid Cooling Package includes the 4x120mm Koolance top, and CDROM bay pump/res. The P190 Extreme package still gives you double the radiator surface area, and all in all, is a very streamlined setup.

3) Added the Scythe Quiet Drive 2.5". This is like a Smart Drive enclosure, only it takes notebook drives and is a 3.5" form factor. DEFINITELY worth considering if you are interested in a very quiet setup. Or be super-extreme and put a notebook drive in this product, and then put that in a Smart Drive enclosure. I guarantee even the most demanding quiet user will be satisfied! Laptop hard drives in desktops is worth some serious consideration if you're building an ultra-quiet machine.

4) The Silverstone NT06-E has been added. This is an update to the NT06 -- more heatpipes, better cooling. I've put it in our system, but you have to speak with a Puget rep to get it on a quote -- we have to be really careful about cooling. It is intended to be used passively in the Silverstone SG01 case.

5) The Puget D500i and M700i laptops have been discontinued. In place of the D500i, we have a new 14" model (D400i). Note that it has integrated graphics, which is lower performance, but better battery life. We will be adding integrated graphics versions for all our sizes at a later date -- we have some samples to get in and review first before we finalize our action plan here.