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Product Line Updates: ATI 4870X2, Centrino 2 Laptops

Posted on October 1, 2008 by Jon Bach

We have an exciting set of updates this week, especially with our laptops!

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1) The Asus 4870X2 has been added to our line, in both single and dual (crossfire) configurations.

2) The Velociraptor 150GB (backplane ready) has been added to the website, and is a great lower cost alternative to the 300GB version.

3) The Intel Q8200 (quad core) has been added. The Q9300 and Q9400 have become the same price, so we just moved from Q9300 to Q8200, to provide a wider price and performance selection.

4) The 9800GX2 has been dropped from our line, as a part that is no longer relevant considering the other options now on the market.

5) The Koolance waterblock for ATI 4870X2 has been added, to allow single and dual 4870X2 liquid cooled configurations.

6) We have added a new laptop -- the Puget M705i. This is an exciting addtion, because it is Centrino 2, with DDR3 memory. It supports a single NVIDIA card, or single/dual ATI cards.

7) Our M500i has been updated to the Puget M505i, which is Centrino 2 (supporting quad core CPUs, 45nm CPU, DDR2-800 memory, 1680x1050 resoution, and 9650GT video card). Exciting addition! ETA is 10/15

8) The D700i has been updated to the Puget D705i, which supports 1333FSB and has more video card options.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

To support the new Centrino 2 notebooks, the following has happened:

9) Our 800FSB Socket P notebook CPUs have been updated -- there is a new Intel T7800. We had a few CPUs that over time have become same price, so we consolodated those down to one (the higher performing one, of course!), and added a few low end CPU options. We are left with the same number of CPUs, but a wider price and performance range.

10) We have added new 45nm notebook CPUs: the Intel P8400, P8600, T9400, P9500, T9600, Q9100, and QX9300.

11) We have added DDR2-800 notebook memory for Centrino 2 only, in 1GB and 2GB sticks.

12) A new Intel 5300 450mbps wireless card for Centrino 2 only has been added.

13) Intel Turbo Memory 2.0 has been added, in a 2GB and 4GB modules. These modules enable Vista ReadyDrive. This feature used to be named "Intel Robson Memory", but version 2.0 rebranded to "Turbo Memory 2.0". Version 2.0 is getting better views, apparantly the first revision didn't carry many benefits. Check out this page for more information.

14) All notebooks have been refreshed with AC Adapters, car adapters, carrying bag options, spare batteries, etc. The only exception is the M705i, because we don't have information on accessories like that yet.

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Let me know if you have any questions!