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Product Line Updates: Antec P183, NVIDIA GTX 275, ATI 4890, Quadro

Posted on April 21, 2009 by Jon Bach

We've been making a lot of product line changes over the last few weeks, and I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of the bigger changes!

The Antec P182 has been updated to the Antec P183, including our windowed version, and liquid cooling packages (pictures will be updated soon). The price is the same, and all quotes have been updated. The P183 focuses more on airflow, and we've already confirmed significantly lower system temperatures. It includes vented CDROM bay covers, and adds vents to the front door. Front firewire is swapped out for front eSATA. The bottom compartment fan is moved forward to allow for larger power supplies. A few of these things do increase system noise, so be sure to work with our reps to ensure quietest operation possible if that is important to you.

The Asus 4870 1GB has been updated to the XFX 4890 1GB. The 4870 pricing has come down, but the price spread is only about $30, so we're just carrying the 4890. All quotes for the 4870 have been updated for free! We're excited to be partnering with XFX on this board, as they venture into ATI territory.

The XFX GTX 275 896MB card has been added. It is the same price as the GTX 260 core 216 used to be, and the GTX 260 core 216 has come down $40. It's good to see the competition between ATI and NVIDIA resulting in lower prices!

We've implemented a complete refresh of our NVIDIA Quadro cards, including the 580 512MB, 1800 768MB, 3800 1GB, 4800 1.5GB, and 5800 4GB (I wonder what happens if you use this card with a 32-bit OS!). They have more memory, more GPU cores, and better virtualization support, which is pretty interesting! This is good timing, as our recent Genesis workstation launch can make use of them!

Lastly, we've updated our Western Digital 640GB and 1TB drives to the black version. At 7200RPM and with double the cache, they are a great performance boost over the green and blue drives. We're able to source them for only a couple dollars more, so it seems a natural pick!

Look for some big changes later this week or next week to our server memory, and our LCD line!