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Puget August Promo - Blu-Ray!

Posted on July 12, 2007 by Ed Borden

Puget Promo - July 15 - August 15

Blu-Ray - Play Hi-Def DVD's, Burn 50GB DVD Re-Writeables

We at Puget are happy to announce our first monthly product promotion, which will be centered on bringing Blu-Ray technology to the masses. We are excited to be able to offer the most advanced Blu-Ray DVD-RW drive on the market along with the most robust Blu-Ray compatible software suite available. We are slashing the prices on these products and offering them to our customers at a huge discount. Higher quality, better price, cutting edge technology - we like it!

The Blu-Ray drive we've just brought in is the Panasonic SW-5582. This drive runs circles around the rest of the drives on the market with full compatibility for Dual Layer Blu-Ray writing (50GB!), CD writing and DVD-RAM, all of which a lot of the other Blu-Ray drives on the market CANNOT do, and twice as fast DVD-RW and DVD Dual Layer burning than the next runner up can do, the much-touted Pioneer BDR-101A. Moreover, Panasonic is one of the foundational companies behind Blu-Ray technology, and they are the OEM manufacturer of a lot of the parts for the other Blu-Ray drives out there!

We are coupling this awesome Blu-Ray drive with a software suite called TotalMedia Extreme from Arcsoft. This suite was designed around providing a complete solution for working with High-Def media. Containing four applications, the suite provides video playback, video editing and authoring, music disc ripping and burning, data mastering, and backup solutions for virtually ALL optical media! PLUS, with full 64-bit Vista support, we are able to offer it for use on even our most high-end, cutting edge configurations.

This Blu-Ray Promotion is available on every configure page on our website, including https://www.pugetsystems.com/configure.php . Ask a Puget Sales Rep right away on how to configure your system for 100% digital, high-def playback on your computer's LCD or HDTV, and how you can be an early adopter of some of the most exciting new technology available.