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Puget May 2006 Newsletter - Vista Upgrade Programs

Posted on May 31, 2006 by Jon Bach

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May 2006
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If you are excited about Microsoft Vista, but are in need of a new computer, then this is a pretty rough time for you! With delay after delay announced by Microsoft, we're starting to wonder if they ever plan to release it! If you don't want to wait, we announced two new upgrade programs yesterday that will help you get the computer you need today, but with protection so you'll be sure you can use Vista when it is released.

1) Video Card Trade-Up

With a modern computer, all the requirements of Vista are easily met, with the exception of the video card. You need at least a mid-range video card to take advantage of all of Vista's new features, and for the absolute best match, you want a DirectX 10 video card...only none exist as of today. Therefore, Puget has announced a trade-up program, where you can send in your video card to us, which we will give market value for towards the purchase of a DirectX 10 video card from Puget.

2) FREE Vista Installation Service

If you wish to upgrade to Vista when it is released but are not comfortable performing the installation, you aren't out of luck! Simply purchase Vista from Puget, and ship your computer to us, and we will perform the installation for free! That way, if you wish to upgrade to Vista but are not comfortable performing the installation, you aren't out of luck! You must still purchase the OS, but we will handle the installation for free.

These offers expire 90 days after Vista becomes available. All Puget computers purchased between June 1st and the release of Windows Vista qualify.


Yesterday, Puget has added a full line of AM2 processors, and the new Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard. This new platform from AMD is going to soon be taking over for socket 939, so look for more of our systems to be shipping with AM2 as it becomes more mainstream.

*** THE FUTURE ***

This summer is a time of recommitment to high end custom systems for Puget. We introduced our certified program (https://www.pugetsytems.com/certified.php) a few months ago, as a way to be very competitive with our pricing and to provide the most reliable and optimized computers possible. That program has been a great success, and allows us to now give more attention to our truly custom builds. High end liquid cooling, multiple processor workstations, extremely quiet computers...these are all things we're very good at and will be focusing on in coming months. We've already released a sleek custom liquid cooled solution based on the Silverstone TJ07 (https://www.pugetsystems.com/liquid_custom.php), and look soon for us to release another custom liquid cooled system based on the Coolermaster Stacker, that allows us to make a nearly silent QUAD PROCESSOR system. Using dual core processors, that means you can have an eight core computer, without a lot of noise! Those kind of high end niche markets are where we'll be expanding in the near future. We will also be releasing a new low-power HTPC based on Intel's Core Duo, and will soon be adding Fedora Linux as a free operating system option on some of our builds. Do you have other new areas you'd like to see Puget expand into? Let me know! I always welcome your suggestions and feedback.

Thank you,

Jon Bach - Owner
Puget Custom Computers
(425) 458-0273 x4