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Puget Moves Servers to Faster Connection

Posted on September 8, 2004 by Jon Bach

As you may have experienced, Puget servers have been down for the last 19 hours. This downtime was due to a loss of internet connection at our server facility. Puget has had plans to move our servers to our warehouse, where the internet connection is twice as fast, so when the connection went down at the other location, we pushed up our time-table, and made the move!

This move was originally planned for this weekend, when the associated downtime would have minimal impact on our daily operations. However, it comes with many benefits! The servers are now onsite for our Puget staff, which means that our effeciency is hugely increased. Our interface with our servers is now 150 times faster! For you, it means that our connection is twice as fast. We look forward to this new, faster Puget!

Our server may still be unaccessable from certain areas, depending on when your internet's DNS servers update their cache. Right now, about half the internet can see our servers, and the other half will follow within the next 24 hours.