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Puget Newsletter - April 2008

Posted on April 25, 2008 by Jon Bach

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Meeting the Needs of Businesses
April 2008 Newsletter

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The first quarter of 2008 was a real whirlwind for us here at Puget Systems. We've been getting more and more attention by the press as we grow -- maybe you saw us on the cover of Custom Systems magazine!

We also launched our extreme performance Deluge liquid cooled gaming system, which you might have already heard about. If you haven't already, you will soon -- as we have reviews from Toms Hardware, Wired Magazine, PC Gamer, and CNET all nearing publication! This is only the beginning, we have big plans for the upcoming spring and summer.

*** NEW FACILITY IN 2008 ***

Our growth is not limited to the press! We are also pleased to announce our purchase of a new warehouse. After a year of searching for the perfect location, our waiting is almost over! We are closing a deal for the purchase of a 12,000 square foot warehouse in Auburn, WA. It is currently just a shell, so our next step is to build out the office space inside to our exact needs, which we're excited to get started on next month. Look for an update in the fall, when construction is over, and we move in!


Puget Systems has an excellent reputation among computer enthusiasts, but some people don't realize we have that same reputation among business clients. What makes us attractive to businesses?

We have a strong, dependable product. We put a lot of emphasis on our product line, and this has become even more important in recent years, as more and more low quality items are hitting the market. The industry is being flooded with hyped products that do not perform as they should, and fierce competition is making it more important to be early to market than to put in proper development time. Through this chaotic process, the end user needs a skilled advocate to help identify true quality. Puget Systems is committed to being this advocate, as one of our core values. We have the experience to recognise quality, and we have the resources to test products for ourselves. We also actively evaluate our product line over time. We have the volume to be able to use statistical data to identify reliability trends, but we're also small enough to be very responsive to what we find. If a product does not cut it, we don't sell it. This same set of values carries over to our system designs -- we care about real, measurable quality and reliability.

We are flexible to the needs of a business. If your company has qualified IT staff, we recognize that and don't waste time with unnecessary steps. If a hard drive has failed, you don't have to go through a tedious check list with a support tech -- we'll just send you out an advance replacement! No hassle. This same flexibility is found throughout our process. Do you have a system image you'd like loaded before delivery? We do it all the time. Do you want us to pre-load applications, or populate user account information? We're happy to provide this flexibility, and without extra fees.

We have experience and can help with product development. We work with companies all the time to come up with configurations that not only best meet needs, but also have standardization in mind. With our close relationships with vendors such as Intel, nVidia, Asus, XFX, and AMD, we have the resources available to make informed decisions about life cycles, so you can design a system configuration that can remain standardized over time. Those same relationships also provide us with direct access to manufacturer engineers, so we are very equipped to take on just about any challenge or problem.

If you manage computers for a business, I encourage you to check us out. Better yet, reply to this email and let us know your thoughts! Puget Systems is seeking to further build our business capabilities, and that starts with hearing from you, about your needs and desires.

Are there other aspects of Puget you'd like to hear about? Let us know! We always welcome your suggestions and feedback.

Thank you,

The Puget Custom Computers Team
(425) 458-0273