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Puget September Promo - KillerNIC

Posted on September 5, 2007 by Ed Borden

Puget Promo - September 5th - September 30

This month's promo is going to be based around Bigfoot Network's KillerNIC. We've been selling this product for a while and we really wanted to take this month to highlight something we think will become more and more an essential gaming PC component. To that end, we will be including with all KillerNIC-equiped PC's this month our overclocking service for FREE (regularly $149). Seriously! Read on, and find out why you'll definitely want to take advantage this month!

KillerNIC is actually a mini-Linux-computer running in your PCI slot and performs two main functions. First, it offloads all of the networking functions off of your processor and onto its onboard processor. Termed LLR (Lag and Latency Reduction), it not only frees up CPU cycles, but is streamlined to do a better job overall by bypassing the Windows networking stack. Independent reviewers across the internet have found LLR to be able to trim as much as 10ms off of your ping. The KillerNIC also incorporates FNA (Flexible Network Architecture), which is a software platform used to run special apps that you download and run. These are pretty cool! For example, there is a hardware firewall, an automatic game updater, and FNTorrent, an app that handles Bittorrent downloads WHILE you are gaming! New apps are being developed constantly, so you potentially have access to increasingly more functionality as time goes on.

Now that you are as excited as we are about the functionality of these cards, you have to make the decision of which flavor you want to go for. The M1 is the original KillerNIC which runs a 400mhz processor and comes with the trademark KillerNIC heatsink. The K1, a recent cost-effective addition to the lineup, runs a 333mhz processor that doesn't integrate the heatsink, but retains all of the other functionality.

This KillerNIC promo is available on all of our gaming computer configurators. Ask a Puget Sales Rep right away on how best to configure a custom computer to utilize the KillerNIC and be yet another step ahead of the competition.