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Puget Systems Expands Summit Line of Servers

Posted on July 2, 2013 by Chris Stephens



Boutique PC Builder Puget Systems Brings Its Expertise Into Server Space

SEATTLE, WA - Puget Systems (www.pugetsystems.com), a boutique integrator of custom PC systems for SMB, enterprise, consumers and enthusiasts, today announced its expansion into the custom server market, with its line of Summit Servers and Storage.

"This move really made sense to us," said Jon Bach, president of Puget Systems. "We have always focused on providing robust and high performance solutions, and this is a natural direction for us as we continue to evolve."

Puget Systems has over 13 years of success in bringing their PCs to SMB and consumers, and is now taking their same high quality manufacturing to the enterprise, seeking to serve a clientele looking for more control over the component selection in their next set of boxes.

Bach continued, "Many customers may be looking for a one-size-fits-all solutions from a big box supplier, but we know there are customers out there who are more discerning about the design of their servers. There are a lot of great IT shops out there who have the expertise, and desire, to have a say in the design of their own systems. We can be a high-quality and reliable vendor to them."

The company has spent the last 2 years putting its Summit servers through the paces by placing units in the field and also testing units closer to home. "Two years ago we moved our entire internal infrastructure to run under VMware" said Bach. "Of course, we're running on our own Summit platform. "We didn't feel we could be an authority without going through the same trials as our customers."

Puget Systems is a certified VMware Professional Solution Provider and supports other virtualization platforms.

Puget Systems has a successful presence in the desktop PC business for over 13 years, making this introduction noteworthy. "The talk of downturn of the desktop PC business is something we have not experienced ourselves, but we would be remiss in not preparing ourselves for that possibility in the future." said Bach. While Puget Systems may be finding success in the current desktop market, many other companies are not so fortunate, with the IDC predicting PC shipments to drop 7.8 percent in 2013.

"We are going to apply the same customer-focused principals that made our business so successful these last 12 years into this market and deliver a highly personable customer experience," explained Richard Millard, General Manager. "Our customers come here because we can help them make good decisions about what they need and deliver exactly what they expect with a customer experience rarely seen in the tech world."

For more information: https://www.pugetsystems.com/server.php