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Puget Systems President Interviewed on GeekWire

Posted on August 26, 2011 by Chris Bristol


Puget Systems President Interviewed by Geekwire

On August 20th, 2011, Jon Bach, President of Puget Systems, was interviewed by John Cook
and Todd Bishop of GeekWire. Their discussion focused on current events including the effect
the economy has had on computer sales, HP's exit from the computer hardware industry and
the future of tablets.
Here's an excerpt from the interview:


Geekwire: We talked earlier about all the changes in the industry with HP making their big decision — what impact is that going to have on you guys?

Bach: In the short term, it doesn’t have a lot of impact. The kind of PCs that we’re talking about in this overlap between personal computer and tablet and even smartphones, that’s on the more entry-level side of the PC business. Those are sub-$1,000 computers, and we don’t really deal with that too much. Now, I’d be in denial if I said that doesn’t affect us, and in the long term it absolutely does. The whole PC ecosystem is changing as time goes on.


For the whole interview, visit GeekWire.com.