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Puget Systems at PAX09

Posted on September 7, 2009 by Jon Bach

We had a great time at PAX this year! We were able to show off our aquarium computer and featured a highly customized version of our Genesis II workstation running 3DVision on a huge 65" DLP display at the NVIDIA booth. We gave away three NVIDIA 3DVision kits in our Twitter contest and look forward to being back next year!

The line before PAX opened was huge as usual.

We were busy inside setting up our booth and filling our aquarium computer with mineral oil!

The huge display of NVIDIA 3DVision did a great job drawing a crowd.

As our Twitter contest approached the time for us to announce a winner, the number of people typing on their phones greatly increased!

Congratulations to our three winners of an NVIDIA 3DVision kit and Samsung monitor.

Announcing our last contest winner on Sunday.