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Puget at CES!

Posted on October 25, 2007 by Ed Borden


A few of us from Puget are excited to be attending CES (Consumer Electronics Show cesweb.org) in Las Vegas the second week of January 2008. We'll be checking out the monstrous show floor, hitting up Bill's keynote, and hopefully seeing some sights if we have time (which we won't). If you're going, customers, vendors, or otherwise, and want to meet up with us, drop us a line! We look forward to it!


Can regular folk attend?? If so I may just be there.

Posted on 2007-11-02 14:43:26

Hmm! I kinda wanna go to CES.

Posted on 2007-11-02 15:36:10


I'm afraid it isn't open to the general public, but if you're in Vegas, let us know! We should have a Puget dinner one night.

Posted on 2007-11-02 20:29:44

Hmm, I've always wanted to cover it. :p

I'm still thinking about it. We'll see I guess.

Posted on 2007-11-02 22:55:52

CES covers so many different industries, that as long as you have a business that even looks like it might touch on anything electronic at all in any way, I'm sure you could get in.

Posted on 2007-11-05 07:55:53

If you can manage to go, you should. It's not the three ring circus it used to be (man, those were the days) but you do get to meet all kinds of industry people that you wouldn't be able to talk to otherwise.

Well, and the tech, of course. There's that. :ninja

Posted on 2007-11-16 16:52:01