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Sept 2005 Newsletter

Posted on September 30, 2005 by Jon Bach

Here's your sneak preview of a newsletter going out to our mailing list in the morning!

Puget Custom Computers Newsletter

September 2005
Puget Custom Computers

It is time for another newsletter! You are receiving this email because you have subscribed to the Puget Custom Computers newsletter. We do not EVER send unsolicited emails. If you would like to unsubscribe from this list, you'll find a link at the bottom of this email. Remember that by being on this list, you are entered into our drawing for a free computer system!

Often times as small companies grow, they lose their sense of personal interaction with their customers, and that is a shift that Puget is determined to never make! So many of you have an active interest in everything we're doing here at Puget, and this newsletter is the perfect opportunity for me to tell you about it! And if you read to the end, you'll also find a special deal we have planned for our loyal followers!


This summer has been record breaking for us, as we continue to grow. Right now, our biggest obstacle is learning how to be a bigger business. Getting us the staffing to be the personal builder we are committed to being has been a challenge for me. Recent hires are promising to help, but fall is especially tough -- we have a lot of young people at Puget, and young people tend to go to college in the fall! We wish them luck...and we wish they were here! Aside from staffing, implementing policies and procedures to assure each and every customer our best product and best service is a continual project of mine. We made excellent strides this summer, and don't expect me to let up anytime soon!


If you've been watching us for the last year, you know that we've made HUGE strides in our quality of product line this year. We are now literally pioneers in the liquid cooling and quiet computing arena. You may have seen us on SilentPCReview.com and TomsHardware.com, but look out! We have multiple magazine reviews in the works -- you're about to see us go big time. In our magazine reviews, you're going to see some cutting edge implementations of liquid cooling that hasn't been seen in the industry yet. Can you make a bleeding edge gaming machine, and make it nearly silent? Using our methods, yes! Keep an eye on our website, you'll be seeing some interesting additions by the end of the year.


Speaking of our website, you may have also noticed just how much it has grown over the last year. From one configure page, to thirteen! We have four dedicated system communities -- desktops, mini PCs, laptops, and servers. Each has 3-5 sub-communities, and each of those have half a dozen preconfigured computer systems for you to work with. Add to that our forums, our reseller program, our affiliate program, our REALTIME order status system with 52 point progress tracker, our featured computers, and our new "Puget Says" editorial system, and what do you have? You have an administrative nightmare!! Ha! Such a complex and extensive website takes a LOT of work to keep up to date and relevant. Thankfully, we just finished implementing a website update tracking system we programmed ourself to keep us all well informed on what needs to be updated on our website, and it is already a success in making our website MUCH more updated. Do you see a section of our website that needs work? LET ME KNOW! I am always very thankful for constructive criticism. As a web-based business, our website is our storefront and our face to the world, so it is always our #1 priority!


Another huge area of growth this summer has been our warehouse. Last month, we started a lease on the warehouse space next door. This more than doubles our space, and lifts us to a much increased production ability. This will be our last expansion before we build our own warehouse...something we have hopes to do in as little as two years! It makes me think back to when Puget was run in the basement of a house in Redmond...with only 800 square feet! Thank you to all of you for your support during this long time of consistent growth!


In the beginning of this very very long email, I promised a special deal, didn't I? It has to do with a bunch of overstocked parts we have in our warehouse. You see, as we've grown, we've had to learn how to decide what to inventory and what not to inventory. Out of this learning has stemmed our "Preferred Parts" program that you see on our website. Basically, what we've done is pick the most consistently available, most reliable, most popular parts, and have deemed them "preferred", which means we are more likely to stock them. Other parts are still PERFECTLY fine, it is just that if we stocked *everything*, we'd be out of cash really fast! Before we got this system in place, we found ourselves with more inventory than we could use. Sometimes we would order more parts than needed, and the result is that we have some parts in stock that we need to move! These parts are great parts, but under our new "preferred parts" system, there is a good chance of them just sitting there until they go obsolete unless I take action.

What's the solution? Sell them at unbelievable discounts! Now, before you get too excited, I should say that I can't go too crazy. These are perfectly good parts. Here's what we're doing: if you include three or more overstocked parts on your order for a computer system, you get a 10% discount on the full order total! Some restrictions apply, but just ask me for details. You can browse our overstocked list at https://www.pugetsystems.com/overstock/ . This is an excellent chance to save. With something as simple as using a different quality brand for your video card and hard drive, you can save yourself a nice chuck of change on your computer. Let me know if you have any questions! Just ask me to add overstock items to your quote to take advantage of this special.

Alternately, if you wanted to purchase any of these parts alone, not as part of a computer system, I am happy to do that as well. In fact, I will sell them for just a few dollars above our cost (to cover our administrative side). How often do you have access to warehouse pricing? As much as it makes me sound like a salesman, I do need to add that if this is something that interests you, I'd recommend acting fast. We expect a deal like this to move our overstocked inventory very quickly. Just contact me with any part you're interested in, and we'll talk!


A lot of our internal projects right now revolve around making Puget more efficient as we continue to grow. Some of the opportunities that come from working on a larger scale are very exciting! Our product quality and our build speed are two things that we already lead the industry with, but we still strive to improve! I ALWAYS want your feedback. What ways do you see that Puget can improve? You will always find my inbox open to those emails, and know that I am always very appreciative of those who take the time to share with me! We're looking forward to a great end of year here at Puget, and appreciate your continued support.

Thank you,

Jon Bach - Owner
Puget Custom Computers
(425) 458-0273 x4