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Windows XP SP3 Now Shipping

Posted on April 29, 2008 by Jon Bach

We are pleased to announce the immediate inclusion of SP3 (Service Pack 3) on all Puget Systems PCs running the Microsoft Windows XP OS. Note that the update is applied after installation -- media containing the service pack pre-integrated is not expected for another month.

Windows XP SP3 includes all previously released Windows XP updates, including security updates and hotfixes, and select out-of-band releases. Windows XP SP2 was released in August 2004. Since then, Microsoft has released hundreds of updates. Windows XP SP3 includes all of these updates.

There have been early reports of performance improvements with SP3, which Puget Systems has not been able to verify (yet).

In addition, it adds a few features:

* NAP is a policy enforcement platform meant for enterprise use that blocks systems attempting to access a network until they meet whatever security criteria the corporation has in place.

* "Black Hole" Router Detection helps detect and protect end users from a router that drops packets without returning the specified Internet Control Message Protocol response.

* Microsoft Kernel Cryptographic Module incorporates cryptographic algorithms in a single module other kernel mode drivers are capable of hooking into and accessing.

* The new Product Activation module allows users to install XP without entering a product key at installation.

For a more detailed list of changes, please see here.

Windows XP SP3 has been added as an option on all Puget Systems configuration tools, and all orders already in progress that have not yet shipped will automatically be updated.