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Critical Samsung SSD Firmware Update

What is Happening Despite historically being some of our most reliable parts, we have received a surprising number of reports of failing Samsung drives, specifically with the 2TB version of the 980 Pro. We have been working with Samsung to investigate these failures, and they have recently confirmed that there is an issue affecting the

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Compact Workstation for ArcGIS Pro

This small form factor system is optimized for ArcGIS. It features Intel’s Core 13th Gen processor platform with their compact NUC 13 Extreme compute element and chassis. The Core line is Intel’s mainstream CPU family, combining high clock speeds with up to 24 cores and support for the latest memory and interface technologies. The NUC

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Hardware Recommendations for ArcGIS Pro

Hardware Recommendations for ArcGIS Pro Processor (CPU) • Video Card (GPU) • Memory (RAM) • Storage (Drives) Like most software developers, Esri maintains a list of system requirements for AcrGIS Pro that can be used to help ensure the hardware in your system will work with their software. Unlike a lot of other companies, though, Esri seems to keep this list fairly up

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Workstations for ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro is a powerful geographic information system application from Esri, and part of their larger ArcGIS suite. Our recommended systems are designed to be as performant and reliable as possible, so that you can confidently analyze and visualize your data without any hardware bottlenecks.

Ryzen 7950x Zen4 AVX512 Performance With AMD AOCCv4 HPL HPCG HPL-MxP

This post is a first-look at performance of the Ryzen7 7950x CPU using the latest AMD compiler release with support for Zen4 arch including AVX512 vector instructions. Performance is tested using the HPC standard benchmarks, HPL (High Performance Linpack), HPCG (High Performance Conjugate Gradient) and the newer HPC Top500 benchmark, HPL-MxP (formerly HPL-AI).

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Reflecting on 2022

It’s important to take a step back to celebrate your accomplishments and all that you achieved this year. Otherwise, you’re likely to just jump into the next project (and the next, and the next) while letting the grind slowly get to you. So I wanted to take a minute to do that for our teams here at Puget Systems!

Video Memory BSOD

Video Memory BSOD Causing Issues in Rendering Workflows

Introduction We have discovered what appears to be a bug within recent Nvidia driver packages that is leading to hard-locks or VIDEO_MEMORY_MANAGEMENT_INTERNAL blue-screens in certain rendering and encoding workflows. Issue When using an affected driver and the graphics card’s VRAM is 100% utilized, systems consistently freeze or blue-screen. So far, our testing has shown that