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NVIDIA Tesla K40 PCI-E 12GB (Active)


NVIDIA Tesla K40 PCI-E 12GB (Active) Picture 25890
Model: NVIDIA 900-22081-2250-000

Chipset Manufacturer NVIDIA
Product Line Tesla
Motherboard Connection PCI Express 3.0 x16
GPU Specifications
Core Speed 745MHz
Boost Speed 810 Mhz and 875 Mhz
Stream Processors 2880
Memory Specifications
Video Memory 12GB
Memory Type GDDR5 ECC
Memory Speed 3000MHz
Memory Bus Width 384-bit
Bandwidth 288 GB/s
Double Precision Floating Point (Peak): 1.43 Tflops
Single Precision Floating Point (Peak): 4.29 Tflops
Additional Information
Cooling System Loud Fan and Heatsink
Power Connectors
Plug 1 6-pin PCI-E
Plug 2 8-pin PCI-E

with the NVIDIA Tesla K40 PCI-E 12GB (Active).