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Asus ASMB6-iKVM Remote Management Adapter


Asus ASMB6-iKVM Remote Management Adapter Picture 20275
Model: Asus ASMB6-iKVM

Firmware must be flashed for the specific motherboard being used. To download the correct firmware, please go to the ASUS download page (linked below) and set the download OS to "DOS" to view the list of available firmwares.

Requires a dedication network cable to be plugged into the iKVM network port (see motherboard documentation for location of the port)

iKVM Console Redirection only available when using onboard graphics.

It is highly recommended that a static IP be set in the BIOS for the iKVM port (see motherboard or iKVM manual for specific instructions) to allow for easy access.

To access the remote management, simply input the iKVM's IP address into Internet Explorer's address bar. See chapter 4 of the iKVM manual for detailed instructions.

Chipset: Aspeed 2300
Internal RAM: 112 MB for system, 16 MB for video
Internal ROM: 32 MB
Timers: 32-bit Watchdog Timer
Features: IPMI 2.0-compliant and supports
KVM over LAN
Web-based user interface (remote management)
Virtual media
Network Bonding support
Form Factor: 22 mm x 17 mm

with the Asus ASMB6-iKVM Remote Management Adapter.