LSI CacheVault for LSI 9361/9380 Series (LSICVM02)


LSI CacheVault for LSI 9361/9380 Series (LSICVM02) Main Picture

CacheVault is a new solution from LSI designed to protect mission-critical servers from data loss in the case of unexpected loss of power. This hardware add-on for LSI's MegaRAID controllers avoids much of the complexity and maintenance involved with previous generations of battery backups for RAID cards. In place of a battery, CacheVault uses a long-life capacitor coupled with NAND memory; any data left in the cache is written over to the NAND with the power stored in the capacitor, and then can be read from there whenever power is restored.

If you elect not to have this module, and you don't have another power backup system in place to protect the computer from power outages, we recommend disabling the write caching feature on this card. Disabling write caching can reduce write speeds dramatically, but the alternative is possible data corruption in the case of an unexpected loss of power.
Wilson Chau (Consulting Manager)
Wilson Chau (Consulting Manager) Says:
This module is recommended if you do not have a UPS. It protects your data during a write process in the event of a power failure.
Christopher Crader (Customer Support)
Christopher Crader (Customer Support) Says:
I'm going to be honest, I haven't played with these much personally, but they're a great alternative to the old battery backup units that have been used before. They don't need a battery replaced every couple of years, and they offer the same level of data protection. I'm pretty excited by these.

Model: LSI LSI00418


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