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SIIG Windows MCE Remote


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Designed specifically for Windows Media Center, found in Vista as well as Windows 7, this remote control will allow you to perform all your common media functions from up to 20 feet away. It also has a great list of unique media center specific features. The on-screen menus are specially designed for remote control interaction. You can also browse, zoom, pan, or print your pictures by using the remote. Press the Media Center Start button to access, command, and control your digital entertainment options.
William George (Puget Labs)
William George (Puget Labs) Says:
I really like the MCE Remote that Microsoft themselves used to make, but it has been discontinued for a long time and I've finally lost the last of those I had. This remote from SIIG is very similar, and will work well as a replacement or for a new home-theater PC. Please note, though, that some tuner cards come with a remote already - so if you are getting one of those with the computer you may not need this accessory.
Model: SIIG CE-000022-S1

No manufacturer specifications available.

Configure a custom computer with the SIIG Windows MCE Remote.