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iStarUSA 1-Hard Drive Hot Swap Rack


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This bay is the third generation of iStarUSA's internal hard drive enclosures. It provides easy, tray-less access for a single hard drive - and hot-swap capabilities, if the SATA controller it is connected to supports that feature. The enclosure is built spacious enough to fit any 3.5" SATA type hard drive, and firm enough to prevent the drive from coming loose inside. There is an optional mount for a 40mm fan, for drives that need active cooling, and a metal key lock to prevent tampering or accidental disconnects.

Please note that this takes up a standard 5.25" drive bay. Not all cases / configurations will have room for it, so please contact one of our sales consultants if you need any assistance.
Model: IcyDock BPN-DE110SS-BLACK

BPN-DE110SS is iStarUSA's third generation tray-less hot-swap hard drive cage. It features the latest transfer rate technology of 6.0 Gb/s (SATA I/II/III and SAS I/II), and is 3TB compatible. The LED Display lights features the new blue light by popular demand. Heat dissipation is enhanced by aluminum construction and optional 40mm fan. SATA power connector increases compatibility with most power supplies. The metal key locks help secure your hard drives and prevent unauthorized access.

-Aluminum Frame, light weight and durability design
-Support SAS I/II, SATA I/II/III Hard Drives
-Data Transfer Rate up to 6.0 Gb/s
-Integrative shaping aluminum design for quickest heat sink
-Aluminum front bezel with metal key lock mechanism for security
-Multi-functional LED Indication
-3TB Hard Drives Compatible
-Tray-less and screw-less HDD mounting

Dimensions (WxHxD): 5.75" x 1.65" x 7.10" (146.0 mm x 41.9 mm x 180.3 mm)


1 Year

Configure a custom computer with the iStarUSA 1-Hard Drive Hot Swap Rack.