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iStarUSA 26 inch Rackmount Slider Rails


iStarUSA 26 inch Rackmount Slider Rails Picture 23833iStarUSA 26 inch Rackmount Slider Rails Picture 23834iStarUSA 26 inch Rackmount Slider Rails Picture 23835
These rails mount to an iStar rackmount chassis, allowing it to slide out of your rack for access during maintenance or upgrades.
Christopher Crader (Customer Support)
Christopher Crader (Customer Support) Says:

Racks are awful.

Okay, racks aren't that bad, but keep in mind that sometimes rackmount slider rails have little issues with particular racks. They should fit the same standard, but one or the other will be off by a few millimeters and it throws everything into chaos! If the rack and rails are from the same manufacturer, you should be fine, but it can be a bit tricky otherwise, so make sure to test these out as soon as possible!

Oh! And make sure that you are using an actual server rack. I've seen folks try using racks made for audio equipment without realizing it. Those *might* work, but they're not designed for server equipment.

Model: iStarUSA TC-RAIL-26

Model Number: TC-RAIL-26
RoHS Compliance Version: Yes
Standard Drive Bays: None
Material of Main Chassis: 1.2mm SECC Steel
Supported Chassis Depth: up to 29"
Supported Cabinet Depth: 28" to 39"

The TC-Rail-26 is a ball bearing sliding rails built from SECC steel. The rail is built to last and can hold system weight up to 85 lbs. Increase your accessibility to your rackmount server with this easy to install rackmount sliding rails.


1 Year

Configure a custom computer with the iStarUSA 26 inch Rackmount Slider Rails.