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Antec 80mm Tricool Fan (DBB)

Additional Cooling

Antec 80mm Tricool Fan (DBB) Picture 23140
This adds one 80mm Tricool fan in addition to the case fans your chassis than we would typically install in a system. It is a great way to add a little more cooling, without having to go for a full case fan upgrade kit. Many cases, especially those from Antec and Fractal Design, come with high-quality case fans - so simply adding one more makes more sense than replacing all of them. This Tricool fan has an attached 3-position switch to set from L (low), M (medium), or H (high). Our technicians will set the fan to the most appropriate setting to adequately cool your system under maximum load. In many situations this can be the Low setting.

We will locate this fan where our technicians think it is more appropriate for cooling your specific hardware configuration, unless you explicitly request it in a certain position.
Model: Antec TriCool 80mm DBB

Dimension  80x80x25 mm (3.1 in)
Speed  1500/2000/2600 RPM
Air Flow  20/26/34 CFM
Noise  18/24/30 dBa
Bearing Type  Double Ball Bearing

Antec 80mm Tricool Fan - doube ball bearing

Configure a custom computer with the Antec 80mm Tricool Fan (DBB).