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Arctic Cooling MX-2 Thermal Compound

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If you add this item to your order, we will apply the MX-2 compound to your CPU before mounting your CPU heatsink and fan. This can result in as much as a 2 degrees Celsius drop over stock thermal compound.

Please note that this compound replaces the manufacturer-supplied thermal paste that we use by default.

Jon Bach (President)
Jon Bach (President) Says:
While it doesn't make a huge difference, getting a 2 degree temperature drop with this product isn't shabby at all. I use quality thermal compound anytime I can...because for a few dollars, why not?
Christopher Crader (Customer Support)
Christopher Crader (Customer Support) Says:
We tested different thermal pastes a few years back. This did the best in our tests. I've seen some other thermal paste reviews that seem to show somewhat better thermal pastes, but this is still one of the best on the market, and it's been really reliable for us.
Oscar Tirado (Marketing Coordinator)
Oscar Tirado (Marketing Coordinator) Says:
Arctic Cooling MX-2 is a great performing non-conductive thermal compound. Its main purpose is to decrease your Processors temperature by 1-3 degrees (maybe more in some cases). Its not something you might think is relevant, but for a few extra dollars i'd take MX-2 over any stock TIM (thermal interface material) any day of the week.
Model: Arctic Cooling MX-2

Viscosity (poise): 850
Density (g/cm(3)): 3.96

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