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Cooljag Everflow 140mm PWM Fan

Additional Cooling

Cooljag Everflow 140mm PWM Fan  Picture 23843Cooljag Everflow 140mm PWM Fan  Picture 23842
CoolJag Everflow fans are extremely versatile PWM controlled fans. They have a wide rpm range, allowing quiet operation and low flow when cooling needs are minimal, but with the ability to scale up to high airflow almost instantly when called upon. At full speed they are quite loud, but in some system configurations they may never need to reach that threshold.

Note that to operate properly these, and any PWM fans, must be used with a motherboard that includes an appropriate number of fan headers onboard and has controls in the BIOS for fan speed settings.

Dimension  140x140x25 mm (5.5 in)
Speed  600-2600 RPM
Air Flow  29.68-126.02 CFM
Air Pressure  .29-5.22 mmH2O
Noise  20-43 dBa
Bearing Type  Dual Ball Bearing

Configure a custom computer with the Cooljag Everflow 140mm PWM Fan .