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Papst 92mm Quiet Case Fan

Additional Cooling

Papst 92mm Quiet Case Fan Picture 5015
Model: Papst 3412NGL

Bearing Type  Sintec

  • DC fans with electronically commutated external rotor motor. Fully integrated commutation electronics.
  • With electronic protection against reverse polarity, blocking and overloading by PTC-resistor partially impedance protected.
  • Mouting from either face using four 4.3mm holes.
  • Fan of fiberglass reinforced plastic. PBTP housing, PA impeller.
  • Air exhaust over struts. Rotational direction CCW looking at rotor.
  • Electrical connection via 2 leads AWG 22, TR 64. Stripped and tinned ends.
  • UL, CSA, VDE approvals on some models, please contact application engineering.

Part Number: 4412FGL
Size: 92 x 92 x 25mm
Curve: 1
CFM @ 0: 35.9
VDC: 12
Volt. Range: 8 to 15
Power (W): 1.1
dBA: 23
Max amb. Temp C: 80
Features: Leads
Weight (lbs): 0.22

with the Papst 92mm Quiet Case Fan.