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Asus 22x DVD-RW Lightscribe IDE (black)

CD / DVD Rom

Asus 22x DVD-RW Lightscribe IDE (black) Picture 12565
Model: Asus DRW-22B1L

Brand  Asus
Buffer Size  2MB
CD Access Time  150 ms
CD Reading  Yes
DVD Reading  Yes
CD Writing  Yes
DVD Writing  Yes
Dual Layer DVD Writing  Yes
Lightscribe  Yes
Maximum Speeds
CD Read Speed  48x
DVD Read Speed  16x
CD Write Speed  48x
CD Re-Write Speed  32x
DVD Write Speed  22x
DVD Re-Write Speed  8x
Dual Layer DVD Write Speed  12x

Blu-Ray: No

Maximum Speeds
Dual Layer DVD Re-Write Speed: 12x

with the Asus 22x DVD-RW Lightscribe IDE (black).