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Dynatron R5 CPU Cooler (2011)

CPU Cooling

Dynatron R5 CPU Cooler (2011) Picture 23167Dynatron R5 CPU Cooler (2011) Picture 23168
The Dynatron R5 is a low-profile CPU cooler for Intel's socket 2011 processors. It fits well in 2U and 3U rackmount cases, and can be used with even the hottest Core i7 and Xeon processors. Because of its small size it can be very loud at full speed, but it's more reasonable at lower CPU loads.
Model: Dynatron R5

Length  91.5 mm (3.6 in)
Width  91.5 mm (3.6 in)
Height  66 mm (2.6 in)
Net Weight  .590 kg (1.3 lbs)
Fan Specifications
Air Flow  8.85-46.44 CFM
Bearing  2 Ball Bearing
Current  .6 A
Fan Size  60 mm (2.4 in)
Fan Speed  170-8500 RPM
Noise Level  21.8-52.8 dBa
Static Pressure  .875-19.19 mmAq
Compatibility  Intel Socket 2011

2U CPU cooler for socket 2011, cools CPUs up to 150W


1 Year

Configure a custom computer with the Dynatron R5 CPU Cooler (2011).