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Gelid Silent Spirit

CPU Cooling

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Note: Suitable for CPUs with wattage up to 130W, with exception of socket 1366. Quiet operation up to 100W only. Includes mounting hardware for AM2 and 775. Requires a mounting bracket for 1366, which is available for purchase separately.


  • Quad Sintered Heatpipes
  • Unique Fin Architecture
  • Special Heatsink Angle Design
  • Optimized Air Flow Concept
  • Intelligent PWM Fan Control Curve
  • Anti-Vibration Fan Mounts

The top-flow cooler "Silent Spirit" follows an open frame structure concept whereby both design and dimensions have been improved to eliminate humming and buzzing noises while maintaining a compact overall size. The 92mm fan has been chosen for silent operation and high airflow and comes with an intelligent PWM control to allow users to set the fan speed in their BIOS accordingly. In addition the anti-vibration fan mounts are made of high quality rubber thus guaranteeing a long life span even during high temperatures.

with the Gelid Silent Spirit.