Intel Core i7 6850K 3.6GHz Six Core 15MB 140W Overclocked


Intel Core i7 6850K 3.6GHz Six Core 15MB 140W Overclocked Picture 39805

Background on Intel Core i7 (Broadwell-E) CPU

Intel's enthusiast-class Core i7 processors represent the top-end of their consumer CPU line, and overlap in part with the Xeon E5 series. These processors range from six to ten cores, with clock speeds of 3.0 to 3.6GHz - and they are all overclockable as well. Under-the-hood architectural improvements have also been brought over from other recent Intel product lines, giving these new "Broadwell-E" processors fantastic performance for demanding applications.

Wilson Chau (Customer Service Lead)
Wilson Chau (Customer Service Lead) Says:
Our overclocking philosophies favor stability over absolute speed. You can probably push the overclock further but we're only willing to go as far as we can ensure 100% reliability and cooling.
Model: Intel CM8067102056100

Product Line  Core i7
Code Name  Broadwell-E
Socket  2011
Process  14 nm
Number of Cores  6
Clock Speed  3.6+ GHz
Hyperthreading  Yes
Bus Type  DMI2
Thermal Output  140 W
PCI-E Lanes  40
Smart Cache  15MB
Memory Specification
Memory Type  DDR4
Maximum Frequency  2400
ECC Support  No
Advanced Technologies
vPro  No
Virtualization Technology (VT-x)  Yes
Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d)  Yes
Trusted Execution Technology  No

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