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Intel Core i7 Extreme QUAD CORE 975 3.33GHz 8MB 130W (Socket 1366 45nm)


Intel Core i7 Extreme QUAD CORE 975 3.33GHz 8MB 130W (Socket 1366 45nm) Picture 13394
Model: Intel BX80601975

Product Line  Core i7
Code Name  Bloomfield
Socket  1366
Process  45 nm
Total Number of Cores  4
Base Clock Speed  3.33 GHz
Hyperthreading  Yes
Turbo Boost  Yes
Bus Type  QuickPath Interconnect
Thermal Output  130 W
L2  4 x 256KB
L3  8MB

Conquer the world of extreme gaming with the fastest performing processor on the planet: the Intel Core i7 processor Extreme Edition.(1) With faster, intelligent multi-core technology that accelerates performance to match your workload, it delivers an incredible breakthrough in gaming performance.

But performance doesn't stop at gaming. You'll multitask 25 percent faster and unleash incredible digital media creation with up to 79 percent faster video encoding and up to 46 percent faster image rendering, plus incredible performance for photo retouching and editing.(1)

In fact, you'll experience maximum performance for whatever you do, thanks to the combination of Intel Turbo Boost technology(2) and Intel Hyper-Threading technology (Intel HT technology)(3), which activates full processing power exactly where and when you need it most.

(1) Performance based on select industry benchmarks, game titles, and multimedia creation applications. Actual performance may vary. See www.intel.com/performance/desktop/extreme/ for additional information.

(2) Enabling Intel Turbo Boost Technology (Intel TBT) requires a PC with a processor with Intel TBT capability. Intel TBT performance varies depending on hardware, software and overall system configuration. Check with your PC manufacturer on whether your system delivers Intel TBT. For more information, see: www.intel.com/technology/turboboost.

(3) Intel Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel HT Technology) requires a computer system with an Intel Processor supporting Intel HT Technology and an Intel HT Technology enabled chipset, BIOS, and operating system. Performance will vary depending on the specific hardware and software you use. See www.intel.com/products/ht/hyperthreading_more.htm for more information including details on which processors support Intel HT Technology.

Δ Intel processor numbers are not a measure of performance. Processor numbers differentiate features within each processor family, not across different processor families. See www.intel.com/products/processor_number/ for details.

with the Intel Core i7 Extreme QUAD CORE 975 3.33GHz 8MB 130W (Socket 1366 45nm).