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Intel RES2SV240 24-port SATA/SAS Controller Expander

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Intel RES2SV240 24-port SATA/SAS Controller Expander Picture 25328Intel RES2SV240 24-port SATA/SAS Controller Expander Picture 28962
This drive expander connects to a dedicated Intel or LSI RAID controller card and increases the number of drives that can connect to it. The connection is made via a SFF8087 cable, so the RAID card must have that type of connector rather than individual SATA ports.

It can be situated in a PCI-E x4 or larger slot, or optionally mounted elsewhere in some cases. If in a PCI-E slot it is powered via that connection; elsewhere it requires a 4-pin Molex power plug.
Model: Intel RES2SV240

  • LSI LSISAS2x24 SAS/SATA Expander to enable communications with 24-ports at 3 or 6Gb/s
  • Six SFF8087 SAS/SATA connectors for attaching up to 24 targets or initiators
  • Low profile, MD2 depth for use in low profile slots and motherboards with add-in card depth constraints
  • PCIe x4 connector with power pins to mount and power for a PCIe slot (if desired)
  • RA 4 pin power connector to power form a cable (if desired)
  • Mounting holes for attaching to a chassis or duct wall (if desired)
  • Six SAS cables with SFF8087 connectors at each end and designed

24-port RAID expander board. Can draw power from PCI-E bus or molex cable.

As the perfect complement for Intel's SAS-2 generation RAID cards, this twenty-four port expander card offers ultimate flexibility for architecting a high drive count (greater than 8 drive) storage solution in any sized system. The low profile height enables simple installation into a 1U or 2U system with a low profile chassis cutout. In addition, the MD2-compliant depth (6.6") fits in motherboards with heat-sinks that would interfere with longer add-in cards. In cases where an add-in slot is not available, the Intel RAID Expander Card RES2SV240 can even be mounted to a chassis wall or air-duct.

The RES2SV240, powered by an LSISAS2x24 24-port SAS-2 expander, enables the connection of up to 24 directly attached SAS or Serial ATA (SATA) devices with transfers based on the speed of the host or target at either 6.0Gbs, 3.0Gbs, or 1.5Gb/s. The RES2SV240 can be cascaded to accommodate as many drives as the associated SAS/RAID card allows with table routing for up to 1024 SAS connections. Furthermore, the RES2SV240 supports usability functions such as discovery and enclosure management.

Configure a custom computer with the Intel RES2SV240 24-port SATA/SAS Controller Expander.