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LSI 9305-24i 24 port HBA controller


LSI 9305-24i 24 port HBA controller Picture 43308
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Model: LSI 9305-24i

Card Specifications
Manufacturer  LSI
Type of Ports  Mini-SAS SFF8643
Number of Ports  6
Port Location(s)  Internal
Native Supported Disks  24
Maximum Supported Disks  1024
Slot Style  PCI-Express x8
Form Factor  Low/Full Height
Controller Chip
Brand  LSI
Model  SAS3224

  • Support for full-height and low-profile PCIe expansion slots.
  • Provides maximum connectivity with 24 SAS/SATA devices for direct attach storage; or up to 1024 SAS/SATA devices using expanders
  • Supports critical applications with the bandwidth of PCIe
  • Delivers more than 1.5 million IOPS for performance-sensitive applications

Introducing the industry's first single-chip, low-profile 24-port SAS/SATA HDD and SSD direct attach Host Bus Adapter. Using the SAS3224 IOC, this HBA achieves over 1.5 million IOPs with minimal latency and 6,400 MBps throughput performance. The SAS 9305-24i HBA enables data center scaling by offering the ability to connect up to 24 SAS or SATA drives directly or achieve maximum connectivity through expanders.


3 Years

Configure a custom computer with the LSI 9305-24i 24 port HBA controller.