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Samsung 970 EVO 1TB M.2 SSD

Hard Drive

Samsung 970 EVO 1TB M.2 SSD Picture 48385Samsung 970 EVO 1TB M.2 SSD Picture 48386Samsung 970 EVO 1TB M.2 SSD Picture 48387Samsung 970 EVO 1TB M.2 SSD Picture 48388
Samsung's 970 EVO line of solid-state drives is part of their third generation of retail M.2 form factor SSDs. These drives run at a full PCI-Express 3.0 x4 speed, which provides lots bandwidth and results in performance that is several times what a SATA III based SSD can provide. This 1TB model has sequential read speeds of up to 3.4GB/s with write speeds up to 2.5GB/s.

The limitation of these EVO series drives, however, is that not all of the memory on the drive is capable of those speeds. A portion is, and therefore is used as a cache, but the rest of the drive has slower write speeds. That can show up in situations where a lot of data is being written at once: after a time, as the faster part of the drive is used up, the write speeds will drop substantially. This situation is not likely to arise in typical desktop usage, but can show up in some workstation loads.

Please note that some M.2 slots, especially on older motherboards, may not run at the full PCIe x4 this SSD is capable of. In such cases, performance will be limited by the speed of the slot.
Model: Samsung MZ-V7E1T0E

Capacity  1,000 GB
Interface  PCIe 3.0 x4
Form Factor  M.2 2280
Endurance (TBW)  600 TBW
Peak Power Draw  10 Watts
Sequential Read  3,400 MB/s
Sequential Write  2,500 MB/s
Random 4KB Read  500,000 IOPS
Random 4KB Write  450,000 IOPS

Configure a custom computer with the Samsung 970 EVO 1TB M.2 SSD.