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Western Digital Blue 500GB SATA3

Hard Drive

Western Digital Blue 500GB SATA3 Picture 38774
Western Digital's Blue drives are both cost effective and relatively fast, as hard drives go, thanks to the 32MB onboard cache and high-density platter technology. This makes it an acceptable primary drive for computers when cost is a major concern, though for most users a solid-state drive will give far better performance without too much of an increase in system price.

This update to the 500GB model boosts read and write speeds, and slightly decreases seek noise.
Model: Western Digital WD5000AZLX

Capacity  500 GB
Rotation Speed  7200 rpm
Interface  SATA 6 Gb/s
Cache Size  32 MB
Form Factor  3.5 Inch
Idle Noise  29 dB
Seek Noise  30 dB
Bearing Type  Fluid
Command Queueing  NCQ
Peak Power Draw  6.8 Watts
Sequential Read  150 MB/s
Sequential Write  150 MB/s

Configure a custom computer with the Western Digital Blue 500GB SATA3.