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Western Digital Gold 4TB SATA3

Hard Drive

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Background on Hard Disk Drives

Traditional hard drives operate by storing data on one or more spinning metal disks, called platters. The more platters there are in a drive, and the more data that can be crammed onto each platter, is what determines the overall storage capacity of a given hard drive. Having more platters also tends to mean louder drives, though rotational speed affects that as well. Rotational speed also impacts the drive's performance: if platters spin faster the drive can reach data in different areas more quickly and read or write more information per second.

The alternative to hard drives is solid state drives, which are many times faster but much more expensive for the same amount of capacity. The price gap is dropping over time, so SSDs are becoming more and more preferred for us. For performance, reliability, and noise reduction, SSDs are really the way to go.

WD Gold drives are oriented toward data center use - and so feature high speeds paired with increased reliability features. For performance they use the SATA 6Gbps interconnect, spin at 7200rpm, and have 128 MB cache. Reliability is ensured with dual actuator head positioning, RAFF for vibration protection, and TLER to help avoid drives dropping out of arrays (RAID). Even though they are aimed at data centers and other enterprise applications, the features these drives have make them excellent options for users who need high capacity, reliability, and performance.
Ruben Romero (Senior Production Technician)
Ruben Romero (Senior Production Technician) Says:
I would recommend using a Gold drive if it is important to have high capacity with good throughput that can actually be taken advantage of. These drives are noisy and have noticeable chatter when they're not in use. If storage is what's required get a Red drive, better acoustics and respectable performance.
Model: Western Digital WD4002FYYZ

Capacity  4000 GB
Rotation Speed  7200 rpm
Interface  SATA 6 Gb/s
Cache Size  128 MB
Form Factor  3.5 Inch
Idle Noise  29 dB
Seek Noise  36 dB
Command Queueing  NCQ
Peak Power Draw  9.0 Watts
Sequential Read  201 MB/s
Sequential Write  201 MB/s

Configure a custom workstation with the Western Digital Gold 4TB SATA3.