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Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750


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The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 removes the need to worry about either charging or changing batteries. It can run for up to three months without light, and is able to charge of both sunlight and artificial indoor lighting. An optional Solar App program lets you keep track of battery life and how well the keyboard is charging.

This keyboard uses Logitech's Unifying receiver, allowing a single USB receiver to connect to both a compatible mouse and keyboard.
Jeff Stubbers (Technology Consultant Lead)
Jeff Stubbers (Technology Consultant Lead) Says:
This is a very nice wireless keyboard. One of the headaches of wireless devices is that they tend to run out of batteries at the worst time. This solar wireless keyboard eliminates the need to replace batteries. It is charged by sunlight or by the lights in your home or office. On top of that, this keyboard can be used without a light source for up to 3 months before needing a charge again.
Model: Logitech 920-002912

  • Light powered Good-bye, battery hassles. Solar power keeps your keyboard charged and ready-even indoors.
  • Streamline design Your desk is about to get sleeker thanks to this streamlined keyboard.
  • Comfortable typing It almost feels like typing on your laptop, but more comfortable.
  • Power monitor app Want to know how much battery power you have? Or how much power you're getting from your desk lamp? The Logitech Solar App can help.

Package Contents:
- Keyboard
- Logitech Unifying receiver


3-year Limited hardware warranty

Configure a quiet custom PC with the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750.