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Asus Z10PE-D16/4L (w/ ASMB8-iKVM)


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Asus Z10PE-D16/4L (w/ ASMB8-iKVM) Picture 34137Asus Z10PE-D16/4L (w/ ASMB8-iKVM) Picture 34138Asus Z10PE-D16/4L (w/ ASMB8-iKVM) Picture 34139Asus Z10PE-D16/4L (w/ ASMB8-iKVM) Picture 34171Asus Z10PE-D16/4L (w/ ASMB8-iKVM) Picture 34169
The Asus Z10PE-D16/4L is a powerful server motherboard for the Xeon E5-2600 V3 family of processors. It can house two such CPUs, along with a massive amount of RAM and several SATA drives. It includes multiple USB 2.0 and gigabit Ethernet ports for connectivity, basic onboard graphics, and several PCI-Express 3.0 slots for additional expansion. It also comes bundled with an Asus IKVM module for remote management, and supports PIKE cards for adding advanced RAID functionality.

We have tested this board to work with VMWare VSphere 5, making it a great virtualization platform. It also works equally well with traditional operating systems like Windows 7 (Professional and above), Windows Server and Linux.

Note: The chipset on this motherboard runs hot and needs active cooling to keep it at a safe temperature. Either a rackmount chassis with fans near the chipset or a chassis with a medium/high flow side fan over the chipset is required. If you have any questions, please work with your Puget rep to ensure adequate cooling.
William George (Puget Labs)
William George (Puget Labs) Says:
This board is excellent for dual Xeon based servers, but can also make sense if you need a workstation with more memory capacity than the Z10PE-D8 WS. Please note, though, that it is lacking in the number of USB connections and has no built-in audio - so you may want to add those features via expansion cards if this will be used in a direct-access role.
Jeff Stubbers (Technology Consultant)
Jeff Stubbers (Technology Consultant) Says:
This Asus motherboard does not have onboard audio. This typically is not an issue for servers, but if you would like to have audio capabilities, then you will want to add a dedicated sound card to your configuration when using this motherboard.

This motherboard does offer (4) 1Gb Ethernet ports. So if you don't need more than (4) Ethernet ports, I recommend not adding a dedicated Ethernet card.

Note: As this is a server/workstation motherboard, some desktop features are not present: specifically, standby/sleep functionality is not guaranteed.

Model: Asus Z10PE-D16/4L

Socket  Dual 2011-3
CPU Compatibility  Intel Xeon E5-2600 V3 Family
Form Factor  EATX
Chipset Manufacturer  Intel
Chipset  C612 PCH
Front Side Bus  QuickPath Interconnect
Network Connectivity  Quad Gigabit Networking
Network Controller  2x Intel i350-AM2, 2x Intel I350-BT2
Cooling System  Heatsink
Color  Black
Memory Support
Type  DDR4 ECC Registered
Maximum Speed  2133 MHz
Number of Slots  16
Maximum Size per Slot  64 GB
Maximum Amount Supported  1024 GB
Onboard Video
Chipset Manufacturer  ASpeed
Processor Type  AST2400
Onboard Memory  32 MB
VGA  1
External Connections
USB 2.0  2
USB 3.0  2
PS/2 Keyboard  Yes
PS/2 Mouse  No
LAN (RJ45)  4
Mgmt LAN (RJ45)  1
Internal Connections
USB 2.0  1 (providing 2 ports)
USB 3.0  1 (providing 2 ports)
SATA III 6.0Gbps  10
M.2 Connector  1
M.2 Support  NGFF Type 2242
Serial (Com)  1
TPM (module sold separately)  1
TPM Pinout  20-1
SATA Controllers
SATA III 6.0Gbps Controller 1  10 port - Intel C612
Expansion Slots
Slot 2  PCI Express 3.0 x4 in a x16 size
Slot 4  PCI Express 3.0 x16
Slot 5  PCI Express 3.0 x8
Slot 6  PCI Express 3.0 x16
Slot 7  PCI Express 3.0 x8
Additional Information
RAID Support  0,1,5,10
BIOS Features
EZ Flash  Yes
OC Profiles  No
Height  305 mm (12.0 in)
Width  330 mm (13.0 in)

- Includes an Asus ASMB8-iKVM remote management module (included).
- RAID mode can be switched between either Intel RSTe (RAID 0,1,5,10) or LSI MegaRAID (RAID 0,1,10)

Configure a custom computer with the Asus Z10PE-D16/4L (w/ ASMB8-iKVM).